Missed periods can be a real terror for those women who are used to having a very normal and regular menstruation. Possible causes of missed periods start then haunting their thoughts in despair or anticipation. Missed Periods: Why do You Miss Your Period? Why you miss your period? Well there are number of reasons for… [Continue Reading]

missed periods

Pregnancy Cramps

Depending on the other pregnancy symptoms they trigger, pregnancy cramps can be normal or they can indicate significant problems with your baby-to-be. What are pregnancy cramps? Or what is cramping in pregnancy Pregnancy cramps are contractions of the uterine muscles appearing after the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine walls or as a… [Continue Reading]

pregnancy cramps

Preeclampsia Symptoms

Preeclampsia symptoms, also referred to toxemia, occur any time after pregnancy week 20 and they are considered a reason of concern as complications resulting from toxemia symptoms are responsible for 20% of all deaths occurring in expecting moms. What are Preeclampsia Symptoms? The main symptoms of preeclampsia are high blood pressure and the presence of… [Continue Reading]

preeclampsia symptoms


Pregnancy headaches are among the most common complaints experienced during the nine pregnancy months, being disturbing and appearing when they’re less expected. However, headaches in pregnancy can be kept under control and avoided through some simple tips and changes in the expecting mom’s lifestyle and diet. What are Pregnancy Headaches? Pregnancy headaches appear in pregnancy… [Continue Reading]

Pregnancy Headaches

Pregnancy Unusual Symptoms

  There are some pregnancy unusual symptoms that can signal the egg’s fertilization before a pregnancy test being taken. While morning sickness, tiredness and missed periods are common pregnancy symptoms during the gestation period, there are also some uncommon pregnancy symptoms. Thus, if you’re planning to have a baby and want to know when the happy moment of conception takes… [Continue Reading]

unusual pregnancy symptoms.