Pregnancy Unusual Symptoms


pregnancy unusual symptoms

pregnancy unusual symptoms

There are some pregnancy unusual symptoms that can signal the egg’s fertilization before a pregnancy test being taken. While morning sickness, tiredness and missed periods are common pregnancy symptoms during the gestation period, there are also some uncommon pregnancy symptoms. Thus, if you’re planning to have a baby and want to know when the happy moment of conception takes place, make sure to get familiar with these unusual symptoms of pregnancy as this is the only way to recognize them as soon as they appear.

Which are the Pregnancy Unusual Symptoms?

Loose Skin

Perhaps the most common of all these pregnancy unusual symptoms are skin issues, starting with the itching sensation that seems to affect the entire body and ending with the loose skin noticed in the underarms or belly.

Certain skin issues, such as the occurrence of spots and darker points, are caused by liver problems or by changes in hormone levels. But these aren’t the only pregnancy unusual symptoms: the visibility of veins in the chest area, on the belly, in legs and arms increases, as the blood volume and flow enhance. Although this isn’t a harmful condition, it may become unpleasant when the woman is already very thin.

Runny or Stuffy Nose

Having a runny or stuffy nose is common for pregnant women, although most expecting moms aren’t aware of the fact that these symptoms can signal the egg’s fertilization. Then, accusing backache and hip or leg cramps can also be a sign of pregnancy, although not a specific one for the first week of the gestation period. Runny or stuffy nose causes because of the inside of the lining of your nose also swells and swelling decreases the are for air circulation.

Spider and varicose veins 

Your growing baby inside your womb requires a huge blood supply to deliver extra oxygen and nutrients. This circulating blood volume will increased by 50 percent. This put pressure on your veins and such it’s common to develop spider and varicose veins in your legs and feet. There’s no way to prevent them, but to decrease pain and swelling, elevate your legs when you can. For severe cases, wear support hose or even bandage-like wraps when you’re out.

Swollen and protruding tissue around the anus

These odd symptoms of pregnancy are the result of increased pressure on the veins there, along with the added weight of your baby. They can also be irritated by constipation and straining in the bathroom. Ease the inflammation and pain with cream, medicated pads, and warm baths. Post-baby, this may go away completely.

Metallic Taste 

Other strange symptoms of pregnancy are a metallic taste in the mouth during pregnancy. You will feel these weird pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester. It can be very uncomfortable and annoying. Doctors have a range of different theories about what causes this change in taste, also known as dysgeusia. In general, this weird pregnancy signs is most likely due to a fluctuation in hormone levels, particularly estrogen, which can affect your sense of taste. You may be experiencing a heightened awareness of the bitter taste sensation, which causes you to detect trace amounts of ingredients in foods that you may never have noticed. It can also be due to an acute sense of smell, which can make you more aware of bitter tastes.

Pregnancy Unusual Symptoms – What Causes Them?

Just like common signs of pregnancy, the pregnancy unusual symptoms are triggered mainly by the hormonal changes taking place inside the expecting mom’s body. Estrogen and progesterone levels increase once the placenta starts forming and HCG is released inside the organism for sustaining the healthy development and growth of the baby.

Then, the blood flow enhances, the water retention increases and the womb starts enlarging, all these changes affecting the mom’s appearance just like they affect the internal environment. Learning about the changes occurring in pregnancy can keep away anxiety and help you feel more relaxed during the gestation period, despite the common or uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that manifest during the nine months.

What You Need to Know about the Pregnancy Unusual Symptoms

pregnancy unusual symptoms don’t signal any health issue or impairment of your organism. They’re just as normal as the weight gain or the swelling of the legs, so they should not be a reason of concern unless your overall health state is altered.

Pregnancy Unusual Symptoms– What Can You Do About Them

Given that these weird symptoms of pregnancy aren’t threatening, you don’t have to take special measures for maintaining your health state and protecting your body and your baby. However, paying attention and observing certain aspects of your body’s evolution can help you detect pregnancy earlier, even when unplanned.

First, try to pay attention to your sinuses and respiration. If your nose is constantly runny and you feel a cold, you’re nauseous and experience frequent aches in your head, mostly around eyes and in the forehead, you might be pregnant. Then, monitor your hair and skin for changes: if you start losing more hair than usually and your skin gets darker in certain areas or you suddenly get acne pimples and spots on the face, you should take a pregnancy test.

These are some steps you can take to easy the pregnancy unusual symptoms. For more information on pregnancy symptoms to take your time and read our other interesting article on no pregnancy symptoms, Periods during pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy signs, and frequent urination in pregnancy.

Last reviewed on 25/01/2013

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